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Do you find the floor of your home suddenly developing a slope? Are you finding it hard to close doors? Do you see cracks on the wall? Worry not. Along with foundation inspections and timely repairs, our services at Ground Down Foundation Repair Ltd., Winnipeg, include house leveling.

Sometimes, the soil beneath one’s building expands or contracts according to weather and temperature conditions. This affects the foundation, which may sink or heave. This issue is fixed by either slab jacking, i.e., injecting a specific material to fill gaps in the concrete, or installing pilings to steady beams, walls and other supporting structures. Our experienced team of professionals use their best judgement on which methods to use for leveling the floor of your property.


Underpinning helps to strengthen the foundation of a building structure by enhancing its depth. It is especially an urgent measure when one detects signs of foundation weakening, tilting or sinking. The underpinning process involves excavating the foundation and then installing screw piles, concrete piles and footings or by pouring concrete from beneath the foundation level to add support.

Ground Down Foundation Repair Ltd. offers competitive pricing and free estimates. Contact us to know more.

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